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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018 05:56PM CET
To create your own job report template, you can first download the Word file 'E.g. '.
You can then use this Template and apply your changes directly onto the file. Being that you can decide what data you want to retrieve in your reports and where would the goal you like them to appear in your reports.
As you will see below some parameters need to be inserted into tables so that you can assign bookmarks to retrieve data in a specific location in Synchroteam.


Text fields display:


1. List of the main fields

You may view the following fields in your job report if you insert their tags into the word file:

Fields Tags
Customer <@CustomerName@>
Site <@SiteName@>
Job Address <@JobAddress@>
Contact first name <@FirstName@>
Contact last name <@LastName@>
Contact phone <@Phone@>
Contact mobile <@Mobile@>
Customer address <@AddrHeader@>
Job number <@JobNumber@>
Technician Name <@TechnicianName@>
Date and Time scheduled (Started) <@SchedStartDate[//DateFormat]@>
Scheduled duration <@SchedDuration@>
Date and Time carried out (Completed) <@RealEndDate[//DateFormat@>
Carried out duration <@RealDuration@>
Job Type <@JobType@>
Job Description <@JobDescription@>
Equipment label <@EquipmentLabel@>
Equipment <@EquipmentName@>
Date scheduled (Started) <@StartedScheduledDate[//DateFormat@>
Date carriedout(Started) <@StartedRealDate[//DateFormat@>
Generation date <@GenerationDate[//DateFormat@>
Customer (in signatures section) <@SignCustomerName@>
  Signatory’s name (in signatures section) <@SiteNameSign@>
Customer's signature name <@CustomerNameSign@>
Company name (in signatures section) <@CompanyName@>
Technician name (in signatures section) <@TechnicianNameSign@>
User's signature name <@SignTechName@>

2. Custom fields

To create custom fields, see
custom fields section.

a. Display of all custom fields:

By creating a one-line table you can view all of your custom fields. This line will define the format and the number columns in you would like to display your custom fields.
In order to identify your tables, add to them the bookmark of your choice according to the data you wish to display : "allCustomFieldsTab", "jobCustomFieldsTab", "userCustomFieldsTab", "customerCustomFieldsTab", "siteCustomFieldsTab", or "equipmentCustomFieldsTab".
To learn how to add bookmarks to your document, click
Fields Tags
<@CustomFields//Name@>                       CustomField name
<@CustomFields//Value@>                       CustomField value

b. Display of one specific custom field:

The following tag enables you to only display a specific custom field : <@{Object}//CustomField//{cfName}@>
<@User//CustomField//General information:@>

Rapport d’intervention


1. Display the job report content (categories&Items):

In order to insert your job report in your Pdf, create a three-line table:
  • The first line is to set the picture size, for the report’s images and signatures but also to set the format of dates and hours;
  • The second line is for the category’s name;
  • The third line is to show the name, value, comment and item link and set their format, as well as the size of fl_reserve image.
In order to identify this table, add to it a « reportJob » bookmark, in the gabaritword.

You can find below the list of all available tags and their description.

Tags                                         Description
<@Items//PictureSize//{Width*Heig         Specify the size of all pictures in job report section.
ht}@>                                                          (E.g.:
<@Items//DateFormat//{the date              Specify the date format.
format}@>                                                  (E.g.:
<@Items//DateFormat//dd MMMM yyyy@>)
<@Items//TimeFormat//{the time              Specify the time format.
format} @>                                                 (E.g.:
<@Items//TimeFormat//hh:mm:tt @>
<@Categories//Name@>                           Category name
<@Items//Name@>                                    Item name
<@Items//LinkValue@>                             Specify item link style (for geolocation information)
<@Items//Value@>                                    Item value

2. Display of a category’s specific item:

If you wish to show only the value of a certain item of a specific category you can use the following tag: <@Item{//CategoryName//ItemName}@>
<@Item//All details//Product quality@>

3. Signature display:

The tags <@SignPictureCustomer[//Width*Height]@> and  <@SignPictureUser[//Width*Height]@> allow you to display, respectively, the customer's signature and the technician’s signature, and choose their size.
In order to identify this table, add to it a « signaturesTab » bookmark, in the gabaritword.


4. Display the images linked to a job report:

That’s it To show the job report’s images, create a single-line table in which you can decide how many pictures you would like to put next to one-another.  You can also choose to pick out the size of the pictures and show their comments.
Note that: the displayed images are only those which aren’t featured in the job report’s categories. They correspond to the ones that are additionally added.  
In order to identify this table, add to it a "picturesTab" bookmark, in the gabaritword.

Fields Description
<@Picture//PictureSize[//Width*Hei ght]@>
Size of the picture
<@Picture//Comment@>                       Comment about the picture


Logo display:

To add your logo, see the article upload my logo.
To insert your logo into the job report template add the tag
<@Logo[//Width*Height]@> and you can choose its size by replacing "Width * Height".

If the resolution doesn’t suit you, you may directly copy your logo into the Word file.

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