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Job types

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018 12:12PM CEST
Job types streamline the Job creation process by associating priority, skills, duration, a company header and report template.

Click on "Configuration" from any screen --> 
"Job types"

Fill a new Job type and click "Add"
. Name
. Estimated duration - this will help the ScheduleAssist to optimize scheduling
. Associated Job template - 
. Priority - this field is not mandatory
. Skills tag - you can add as many tags as you want to optimize technician's selection
. Default (Yes/No) - Yes means that if a Job type is not selected while creating a Job this Job type will apply  

Should you wish to display the company name and logo of one of your clients/sites/equipment in their PDF job reports and/or invoices, you can create a job type to which you will associate with a company header.

To do so, create a job type (1)  then in the column "Company H​eader" click on "Configure" (2).

You can then fill in the Company Header field (3), upload the logo (4) and click on "Save" (5).

Please note that if you are using Word2Pdf Job Report or Invoicing, you will need to use the tag <@Logo [// Width * Height] @> in order to get the logo you have just created in Job Types.
E.g.  <@Logo//50*50@> 



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