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Activate / Deactivate Options

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018 01:56PM CEST
Options let you activate tabs & options such as: Map, Sites, Comments, etc.

Click on "Configuration" from any screen and then "Options".

Options are divided into 4 groups:

Group 1: Turn system function ON or OFF
  • Quotations/Invoices: create and visualize quotations or invoices (default is ON)
  • Map: to visualize Jobs, Technicians, Routes... (default is ON)
  • Projects: enables you to link different interventions together or set a series of interventions and to keep track of them.
  • Multiple Customer Sites: if you are dealing with customers that have multiple job locations activate this option (default is OFF)
  • Mandatory job description: To create a job, a description must be entered. You can deactivate this function (default is ON)
  • Enable comments for job report items: if you want to allow Field Workers to add free comments on each item of the Job Report please activate (default is OFF)
  • Technician sees Jobs from his team : If a technician is part of a group/team, activating this option will allow him to view is team members Jobs (default is OFF). Please note that technicians who are part of a group will be able to see all jobs.
  • The customer can create Job Requests through the customer portal: Using the customer portal, a customer will be able to request directly a Job. (default is ON)
  • Add Customer when creating a Job on a not referenced Customer:  If a customer doesn't already exist in the database it will be automatically added. (default is ON). If not activated your client shall only appear in the job details
  • Force default Job Report Template to be used on the mobile: The technician can't change the job report Template (default is ON).
  • Custom Headers and Logo for Reports: to configure a special header and logo for a given job report type (default is OFF).
  • Inventory Management:  Allows you to manage your inventory of parts and services (to activate this option, please contact the support).
  • Invoice Job to another Customer: enables you to charge another account for one of clients.
  • Delete all signatures when the job is modified: by activating this option, signatures will automatically be deleted from your job report as soon as your technician modifies something.
  • Do not display Pricing for Parts and Services: allows you to hide the price of your parts and services from your interventions.

Group 2: Turn mobile functions ON or OFF
  • Add Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to create Jobs for themselves or Jobs requests to the manager
  • Decline Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to Decline Jobs
  • Reschedule Job: if you wish to allow your Field workers to Decline Jobs
  • Location tracking:  if you wish to track your Field workers through their mobile device using GPS capabilities. For legal reasons tracking must also be acknowledged and manually activated on the Mobile Device.
  • Use Native Mapping application:  Clicking on a job address will activate any mapping or driving application present on the device (default ON)
  • Create or Update an Invoice or Quotation Allows the technician to create a Quote or invoice On their interventions
  • Show Customer List: Allows the technician to view all customers from his mobile.
To activate the following options, please contact the support:
  • Inventory: The Technician can “Take From” the depot of another user
  • Inventory: The Technician can “Send To” the depot of another user
  • Inventory: The Technician can “Request From” another user and ask him to send him parts or services from their depot
These features allow each technician to Manage their stock straight from the mobile application

Group 3: Mobile synchronization on action
  • Check the actions when synchronization is trigger on the mobile device to automatically notify the back-office users. You can select actions between Job started, suspended, resume and completed.

Group 4: What your customers can see on the Customer Portal

Synchroteam provides a customer portal to show your customers what has been done and what is scheduled. Optionally, you can allow them to request a Job directly from the portal. You can automatically send Job reports to different categories of recipient:
  • Add Attachments
  • View Invoices/ Quote
  • Show only validated interventions
Group 5: To automatically send Jobs reports by email

This section enables you to preset email addresses for when you generate your pdf job report.
  • Technician assigned:To the assigned technician’s email address
  • Contact from a Job: To the email adress that is given in the job's contact details
  • Contact from a Client: To the email adress that is given in the client's contact details
  • Contact from a Site: To the email adress that is given in the site's contact details
  • From a Custom Field: To an email address defined in a Custom Field
  • From a Job Report: An email address entered by a Field worker filling his Job report
  • Custom: any email adress that is written directly in this window


If you want your job reports to be sent automatically when the job is finished or validated, you can configure this window and contact the support asking for the installation of Notify 360.

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