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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2016 05:10PM CEST

Zoho CRM Connector allows you to synchronize your Customers, Sites and Contacts.

Once the connector is enabled in Synchroteam (view article ZohoCRM connector settings), synchronization will take place automatically every 20 minutes.

Creating a new client in Synchroteam

When you create a new client in Synchroteam, it is automatically synchronized into ZohoCRM.

To create a new customer click on "Customers"

Then "Add Customer"

You must enter the following information - here we describe the field correspondance in Zoho.
1 – "Account" name in Zoho
2 – "Contact" name in Zoho
3 – "Contact" first name in Zoho
4 – Office number for "Account" and "Contact"
5 – Mobile phone number of the "Contact" in Zoho
6 – Address of the "Contact" in Zoho
7 – Email address of the "Contact" in Zoho

New Customer display in Synchroteam

Once the synchronization is done, you can login to Zoho and see your new Customer.


You can also view the associated contact.


Editing a customer in Synchroteam

When you edit a customer (or contact) in Synchroteam, changes are automatically sent to ZohoCRM.

Example: Editing a phone number.

The update is automatically sent to ZohoCRM when synchronization occurs

Creating a new customer in ZohoCRM

After synchronization, the new customer in ZohoCRM will also be created in Synchroteam.

1 - The account name will be the customer's name in Synchroteam
2 - The billing address is the customer's address in Synchroteam

When synchronization is done you can log in and see the new customer and contact are there.

Editing a customer in ZohoCRM

When you edit a customer (or contact) in ZohoCRM, changes are copied to Synchroteam when synchronization occurs.

Example: Editing a phone number.

When the synchronization is done, the change appears in Synchroteam

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