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Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018 05:56PM CET
IMPORTANT: If you are using a QuickBooks test account and decide to upgrade to a production account, please email us at as pre-operations are required.

The QuickBooks connector allows two things:

- The synchronization of Synchroteam's invoices to QuickBooks,
- Bidirectional synchronization of Customers and Contacts between QuickBooks and Synchroteam

These synchronizations are performed automatically every 20 minutes.

First synchronization between QuickBooks and Synchroteam

Once you have activated the QuickBooks Online connector in (see article QuickBooks Online ), you can synchronize Customers and Contacts between the two applications.

To do this, simply:

- Click on "More" in the "Settings" menu.

- Click on "Integrations"

In the QB section, click on the "Upload" button to send your Synchroteam customers to QuickBooks Online.​

Once synchronization is complete, Synchroteam's QB customer (and its contacts) are now present in QuickBooks and also present in Synchroteam.

In Synchroteam

In QuickBooks

You can also decide to import directly your QuickBooks online customers into Synchroteam by clicking on the "Download" button.

Synchronizing an invoice for a new customer

If you create a new customer and invoice this customer, once synchronization occurs, you will find your new customer and invoice in QuickBooks.

Example :

I create a new customer named "My Company" along with a contact.

Create an invoice on a job for this customer.

After the synchronization, the customer is in QuickBooks, along with the invoice.

Synchronization of an invoice from a customer already in QuickBooks

When a customer already exists in quickbooks, any invoice created (in Synchroteam) will be sent to quickbooks when synchronization occurs.


Create a new invoice for customer "My Company". To do this, open a job for this customer and click on the "Invoices" tab.


Add some parts:

The invoice is created:

Once synchronized, the invoice is present in QuickBooks.

Please note that in "Settings" > "Intergrations" > "Quickbooks" you can decide to use your Synchroteam Invoice numbers in Quickbooks online just by ticking the associated checkbox.

Synchronization of new QuickBooks customers to Synchroteam

When you create a new customer in QuickBooks, it is automatically sent to Synchroteam when synchronization occurs.
If you want to do it directly just click on the "Download" button in the above image.


I create a new customer in QuickBooks: "My QB Company":

Once synchronization occurs, the customer is copied into Synchroteam.


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