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Create a Custom Report

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 10:50AM CET

Synchroteam provides you with 4 default reports and allows you to create custom reports.
To see how to run those reports go and see the article Run a Report.

Default reports

The 4 defaults reports are:
  • Jobs: All recorded job time lines within the date range specified. This also includes activity time lines.
  • Parts and services: All part and services used in each job within the date range specified.
  • Distance travelled: Distance traveled by each technician who performed jobs within the date range specified. (Location tracking needs to be active on the mobile device)
  • Issues: Lists all issues raised by technicians on jobs that took place within the date range specified. (See article: Issue)

Create a custom report

In order to create a custom report, simply click on "Configuration" (1) and "Reporting" (2).

You then click "Add Custom Report" (1).

You can click on the title to edit it.

You can then choose the fields you want to show in your custom report.

All these fields are located on the left side and are split into 5 categories:
  • Job
  • Technician
  • Customer
  • Site
  • Equipment
  • Pictures
In addition, two other categories are available. This allows you to retrieve fields from one of your job reports or from a shared block. (Go to section Add a Job Report or a Shared Block further below).

To add a field to your personalized report, simply click on the arrow to the left of the field.

The field then moves to the right.

You can edit its name (1), move it (2) or remove it (3).

Once you add all the fields you need, click on the "Save" button.

If you return to your list of customized reports, the new custom report is there.

If you click the gear icon next to a report (1), you can change it (2) or delete it (3).

Add a Job Report or a Shared Block:

As you select one of your job reports at the bottom the page, all the fields you had previously created in your report will appear. From this list, you can then select the fields which are relevant for your custom report.
For any chosen job report or shared block, you will only have access to the jobs for which those parameters were set.
For instance, if you would like to view all jobs for which the Custom Job Report “Technical Report” has been completed and you are only interested by the field “Compliance>Compliant?” then select it.

If you wish to get the details of all Shared Block, the procedure is almost the same.
For instance, if you would rather view all jobs for which the Shared Block “Survey” has been completed.
You can choose to only see the field where the final customer informed you if whether they were satisfied or not by the job done.
By choosing a shared block, you will get the data present in all job reports containing this block.

However, you cannot both select a job report and a shared block, as those shared blocks may exist in different Job Reports.
If you try to do so, you will get the message down below.



Retrieve data from various shared blocks within one job report

If you wish to see all the jobs for which the Tech Report has been completed, select it.
You can then choose as many fields as you please from its 3 shared blocks (Survey (1), Repair (2) and Maintenance (3)).
When you go under the Reporting tab, then to Custom and you choose Tech Report, you will get the information that was completed for 2 of your 3 blocks (from the Technical Report).


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