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Create shared blocks

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 03:53PM CET
Synchroteam introduces the concept of shared and/or repeatable blocks in your report templates, useful when you use the same form across many reports (e.g. satisfaction survey), or need a report section repeated (multiple pieces of equipment).

Creating a Shared Block

You have two methods to create a shared block:
  • By the "Settings -> Job Report Templates -> Shared block" menu to create a new block
  • By converting an existing category/item in a report template to a shared block.

Creation of a new block

To create a shared block, you must click on "Settings -> Job Report Templates"

Then you need to click the "Shared Blocks" tab

Choose a name (1) and click the "Add" button (2)

Click the name of your block created to add items to it

From there, you simply add the item or items you want like a classic job report (see Custom Job Report).

Once finished declaring items in your block, you make it usable by clicking the button "Publish" (1).

From that moment on, you can then add it to one or more job report templates.

Converting a category/item in block

To convert a category/item in block have to click on "Settings -> Job Report Templates"

Click the name of the desired job report template

Locate category/item you want to convert and click the "Actions"

Then click "Convert To Shared Block"

Category/item is then automatically converted to shared block

This new block is now available in any job report template and on new jobs.

Using a shared block

To use a shared block in a job report template, you must click "Configuration -> Job Report Templates"

Then click the name of the job report template in which you want to add a shared block

Click on the drop down list "Add shared block"

Click the block you want to add (1) or type its name in the search box (2)

The block is automatically added. It remains for you to configure.

This procedure is the same if you create a new job report template.

Configuring a shared block

When you add a shared block in a job report template you have the ability to set two value, MIN and MAX. These settings play on the display of the block and the possibility of repeating it (back-office and mobile).

The value MIN

The MIN value to specify how many times the block must be displayed on the job report without the possibility of removing it.

The value MAX

The MAX value to specify how many times you can add the block on the job report. These added blocks can also be deleted.

Once you've set these values, click the "Action" button (1) and click "Save" (2).

With the "Action" menu, you can also edit or remove the shared block.

If you choose "Edit", you are automatically directed to the block edit page.

If you choose "Remove", a dialog box ask you to confirm the deletion of shared block of the job report template.

Editing a shared block

To edit a shared block, you must click "Configuration -> Job Report Templates"

Click the tab "Shared Blocks"

Then click the name of the block you want to edit

You can then edit the block as you wish. You can also see which job report template that block is already in use.

WARING, all changes to a published block will be taken into account only by jobs created AFTER the modifications took place.

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