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Activate GPS tracking

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018 11:41AM CEST
The screenshots are similar for iOS and Android

Synchroteam offers the possibility to enable or disable GPS tracking on the mobile device.

Click to open the menu

Scroll down and click on "Tracking"

Tracking Configuration Page:

1 - Enable or disable the tracking
2 - Frequency (in meters):  sets the distance between two GPS recordings
3 - Days when the tracking is activated
4 - Hours when the tracking is activated
5 - Save button

Once tracking is activated for the first time, your mobile device will ask you for permission to access the GPS. If you do not give this permission, tracking will remain disabled.

Authorization request (iPhone)

Authorization request (Android)

On iOS, you must also verify that the "Background App Refresh" is enabled.

To do this, click on "Settings"

Then go down the page

Click on "Synchroteam"

If "Background App Refresh" (1) is disabled, activate it. Next, verify that Synchroteam can access your position (2).

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