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Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018 04:32PM CEST
Improve the follow-up and development of your relationships with your customers by adding Notes and Reminders. A Note is a timestamped text field, like a Post-it, that can be attached to a Client, Site, Equipment or Job. You can turn notes into reminders if you wish. For example, this could be used to schedule callbacks or contract renewal dates. Notes can be private or shared. A Sticky note will always show at the top of the list of notes.

You can:
  • Add a reminder to a specific date
  • Mark it as "Sticky", which will prioritize it over other notes
  • Shared or not with other users
To add a note, you need to go into the details of your customer/site/equipment/job.

Adding a Note to a customer

Go to customer's details

In the Note section click on the "Add" button

You can now write a Note (1), make it sticky (2), shared by managers or remain personal (3) and be recalled on a specific date (4).
Please note that all unshared notes are visible by all administrators, just not by the other managers.

When the Note is finished, click on "Save" button (5).

If you have added a reminder date to your note, you will be notified on the day of this reminder.

If you have marked the note as priority, a red border on the left (1) will be displayed along with the "sticky" label (2).

If you want to delete a Note, open it and click on the red icon (1)

A popup prompts you to confirm the deletion

Your note is then deleted correctly


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