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Word2Pdf Invoicing User Guide *new*

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2018 10:44AM CET
To create your own invoicing template, you can first download the Example Word file. (See article Invoicing: pdf customization).
You can then use this Template and apply your changes directly onto the file.
You can decide which data you wish to retrieve in your invoice, quote and credit note PDF and decide how and where you want it to be displayed.


Text fields display:


1. List of the main fields

You can display the following fields in your invoice PDF by inserting their associated tags into your word file:

Fields Tags
Customer (or invoiced customer if there is one) <@CustomerName@>
Site <@SiteName@>
Job Address <@JobAddress@>
Job Additional Address <@JobAdditionalAddress@>
Customer Additional Address <@CustomerAdditionalAddress@>
Site Address <@SiteAddress@>
Site Additional Address <@SiteAdditionalAddress@>
Invoiced customer's Address <@InvoiceAddress@>
Customer's VAT Number <@CustomerVATNumber@>
Contact first name linked to the job <@FirstName@>
Contact last name linked to the job <@LastName@>
Contact phone linked to the job <@Phone@>
Contact mobile linked to the job <@Mobile@>
Customer Email <@Customer.Email@>
Site Email <@Site.Email@>  
Email linked to the job <@Job.Email@>
Your company's invoice address or the job type's adress <@AddrHeader@>
Invoice type: Invoice, quote or credit note <@InvoiceType@>
Invoice number <@InvoiceNumber@>
Date of creation of the invoice <@InvoiceDateCreate //dd MMMM yyyy@>
Date of dued payment <@InvoiceDateDue //dd MMMM yyyy@>
Number of the linked job for which the invoice was created <@LinkedJobNumber@>
Type of the linked invoice/quote/credit note <@LinkedInvoiceType@>
Numpber of the linked invoice <@LinkedInvoiceNumber@>
Name of the parts <@Item@>
Description of the parts <@Description@>
Price per part <@UnitPrice@>
Quantity for each part <@Quantity@>
Discount for each part <@Discount@>
Total price per part after discount and tax <@Total@>
Tax for each part <@Tax@>
Total of all values tax free <@SubTotal@>
Tax value per part <@TaxVal@>
Value of the tax times the unit prices subjected to this tax <@TaxTotal@>
Total of all values after-tax <@FinalTotal@>
Invoice signature <@SignPictureInvoice@>


Please note that if you wish to display dates or format in a different format than the one you have set up in your "Regional Settings" then you can specify the format in the tag.
<@InvoiceDateCreate//dd MM yy hh:mm@> 

2. Billing table and tax list:


a. Display the billing table:

In order to display a series of invoiced parts and services create a table (or copy the one from the example template) which will display in line all of your parts and will be split into 6 columns:
item, description, unit price, quantity, discount, total, tax.

Then identify this table by adding the « 
BillingLineTab » bookmark, in the gabaritword.

Please note that you can change the title of each column and that you can delete the unwanted columns.

b. Display the tax list:

Should you wish to show the list of tax rates and tax values you can insert in second table with the tags <@TaxVal@> and <@TaxTotal@> and identify it by adding to it a « TaxTab », in the gabaritword.

See the result in the example shown below:

3. Custom fields

To create custom fields, go to the 
custom fields section.

Display of a specific custom field: 

The following tag enables you to only display a specific custom field : <@{Object}//CustomField//{cfName}@>
E.g. <@Job//CustomField//General information:@>

If your invoice/quote/credit note is linked to a job, technician, client, site or equipment you just need to replace
 {Object} with :
Job, User, Customer, Site ou Equipment in the above tag.

4. Logo display:

To add your logo, see the article upload my logo.
To insert your logo into the invoicing template add the tag 
<@Logo[//Width*Height]@> and you can choose its size by replacing "Width * Height".

If the resolution doesn’t suit you, you may directly copy your logo into the Word file.

5. Signature display:

The tag <@SignPictureInvoice//[//Width*Height]@> allows you to display, respectively, the invoice signature and choose its size.

6. Add text:

You can add text just by writing it down in the Word file.
For instance, this can prove itself useful should you wish to add Conditions of Sale at the end of your invoice. You then just have to copy paste the text in the file.

You can also add a text just in front of one of a field by adding //[text] #%s inside the wanted tag.
For instance, should you wish  to add "Job #" in front of your invoice's linked job number, take the tag <@LinkedJobNumber@> and insert your text:
<@LinkedJobNumber//Job #%s@>

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