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Perform a job

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 11:10AM CET

If the administrator has activated this option in the Settings you can also create jobs via the application. 

Step 1: Select a Job

From the list of current job, select the job you want (1)
  1. Back to Jobs list
  2. Duplicate Job (if necessary)
  3. Decline / reschedule job (3)
  4. Job information
  5. The following band combines the 3 steps of an job:
    • Description of the job: contains all the necessary information in order to be able to carry out the work
    • Report: All information entered by the technician
    • Invoicing: This screen will allow you to add the parts and services you used during the job
  6. Job Information (custom fields, attachments)

Step 2: Job description

  1. Planned start and end time.
  2. Job description
  3. Customer name
  4. Job history
  5. Address of job : if you click on the icon, it will propose to you to launch the help to the navigation in order to go to the place.
  6. Contact name
  1. Contact phone
  2. By clicking on this icon you can call the contact without dialing the number
  3. Contact mobile
  4. By clicking on this icon you can call the contact without dialing the number
  5. Contact email
  6. By clicking on this icon you can send an email to the contact directly
  7. Job number
  8. Access to the online view of this job
  9. Technician name
  10. Role: Job Manager, you are job owner and in charge of completing the report. If you are not an Auxiliary Technician, you cannot complete the report.

Step 3: Starting a Job 

Hit Start button (1) then click again on Start (2).
1. Duration
2. Pause Job
3. End Job
Notice: all mandatory fields must be completed to end a job. Mandatory fields are shown in red. 

Step 4: Job report

1. Completing a Job report. 

This part contains all the questions, previously defined by the administrator in order to verify and give as much information as possible on the actions that have been done during the job.
The elements of the job report can be grouped together in a family form to make it easier to read.
Note: If a family appears in red, it means that at least one of its fields is mandatory.
Select the family you want to fill.
In order to facilitate the entry, there are several types of fields:
  1. Checkbox 
  2. Text fields. Also: Date, time, signature, validation.
  3. You can add comments
  4. For text fields, you can scan barcodes

For each field, it is also possible to add a reserve. Just make a slide from right to left. If a reserve is issued, the manager is immediately alerted to the back office.

There are 3 statutes on reserves:
  • Compliant
  • Resolved
  • Unresolved
  • 2. Attachments

To add a picture or a barcode reading to a Job Report
  1.  Click on (+) sign

         Select from:
  1. Photo album
  2. Camera
  3. Barcode Reading (uses the camera)
  1. Photo has been added
  2. Description or barcode result
  3. Delete/Add Attachment


3. Signatures

  1. Add customer's signature
  2. Add your signature
  1. Add the person's name
  2. Sign or Clear signature
  3. Validate signature
                         End Result

Step 5: Add Parts & Services to a Job

  1. Select Invoicing from the sliding menu
  1. Click on Add Item 


For clarity, the elements are grouped into families. 
  1. Select a part / service 
  2. Search a part / service
  3. Use filters
You can add delete items (2) as well as delete them (1 and 3).
You may also select serial numbers for serialized parts (4).
You will find the total tax free at the bottom (5)

Step 6: Take Back a Serialized Part

This section enables you to take back serialized parts which were previously added to a client during a job.
  1. Select Invoicing from the sliding menu
  1. Click on Take Back Serialized Part

Fill in the serial number (1).
If it is found in the previous parts added
to that client then the category and part
will be auto-completed (see Case 1
If the serial number is not found then select
the part's family (2) then select within the
family (3) (See Case 2
Choose the serialized parts' status (4) :
  • OK : the part will be added to your depot
  • Needs Repair : your manager will see the part in your depot but you will be able to see and use it only once it has been repaired and is put back to an OK status
  • Obsolete : the part will be taken back from the client and will be deleted so that it cannot be used anymore.

Case 1: Found serial number
  1. Fill in the part's serial number 
  2. Click on Check
  3. The category and part field will automatically be completed
    Choose one out of the three status options 
  4. Click on Confirm to validate the part and its status

Case 2: serial number not found
  1. Fill in the part's serial number
  2. Click on Check
  3. As the serial number wasn't found search for the parts' family in the list of families for which parts were added for that client.
  4. Click on Search and choose the wanted part within the chosen family.

Case 2: serial number not found
  1. Choose one out of the three status options
  2.  Click on Confirm to validate the part and its status
  1. To edit the serial number or change the part's status click on the pencil icon
  2. To delete a part click on the cross

Step 7: Complete a Job 

Clicking on the stop button will end and send the Job back to the manager. You can now start a new Job.


Warning: you will not be allowed to stop the Job if a mandatory field (shown in red) has not been completed

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