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Authorize Travel notifications (iOS) *new*

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018 12:03PM CEST
Travel notifications will help you get in time for your next job.
In the job list you will be able to see, based on your current location, your time of departure, distance and travel time to get to your next job. 
You will also get a notification telling you that your departure time to get to your next job is approaching.

In order to show those messages, please follow the instructions:

1 - Allow notifications :

Go to Settings (1), to the Synchroteam app (2), click on Notifications (3) and allow Notifications (4).
Please note that you can still get the messages in the job list without having activated this option.

2 - Activate the Tracking 

To see how to activate the GPS Tracking click here

After doing so you will have a series of 3 messages and 1 notification:

1) The 1st green message gives you your next job number, as well as the distance and travel time from your current location to your next job's address.
It shall appear when you still have more than 15 minutes before the best estimated departure time.

2) If you have activated the notifications you will receive a notification 15 minutes before the time of departure, warning you that you need to prepare to leave for your next job.

3) The 2nd yellow message will show up if you have less than 15 minutes before the estimated best time departure.

4) Finally, the 3rd red message will appear in the job list if it is already past the time of departure.
It will keep you updated on your estimated time of arrival based on your current location.


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