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Time Zones

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019 10:45AM CET
Synchronteam enables you to set different Time Zones for your account, for your technicians and for your customers, in order to properly synchronize the job hours between all parties.

Setting up the different Time Zones

On your account

Go to Configuration (1), Regional Settings (2), under Date and Time Format go to the drop-down Time Zone list (3) and select your own Time Zone (4).


For your technicians

Go to Configuration (1), Users (2) click on a technician's name (3) then on "Edit". Then in the details select the technician's Time Zone (4).


For your customers/sites

Go to Customers (1), in the list of customers or sites (2), click on one of them (3) then click on "Edit" (4).
In the customer's/site's details select their Time Zone.


Scheduling a Job

Let's take an example where the account is at UTC +00:00, the technician is UTC +01:00 and the customer is UTC +02:00

Whether it is the administrator, the manager or the technician who schedules the job the time chosen will always be the time set for the technician's time zone.
To help you see the time difference when scheduling a job for today you can go to the daily Schedule (1) and you will see a blue line (2) indicating your local time and orange lines (3) indicating each technician's local time.
The Back office is on UTC +00:00 therefore the first techncian is on UTC +01:00 and the second one is on UTC -04:00.

If the job is scheduled at 4 PM either from the Back Office or the app (and not from the customer portal) here are the different views:

- From the Back Office (UTC +00:00):

- From the technician's mobile device (UTC +01:00):

- From the customer portal (UTC +02:00):
When seen by the customer, the job is scheduled at 5 PM.

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