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Email and Text Message notifications *new*

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 10:26AM CET

Synchroteam allows you to set up notification triggers and rules for each Job status change (Scheduled, Started, Completed,...).

For each notification configure the recipient, message type (text message, email or both). Use merge codes to personalize the message content. For instance, when a technician starts a Job, a text message is sent to the manager; when the Job is completed an email is sent to the customer with a download link for the Job report.

In order to send text messages you must purchase text message credit blocks from the Synchroteam application.

Please note, that for notifications with "Event origin: Technician" or "Event origin: All", technicians are required to have at least the version 50.X of the Synchroteam application in order for messages to be sent automatically.



In order to activate the SMS extension go to "Settings" (1) > "My Account" (2).

You can also activate them in "Settings" (1) > "More" (2) > "Integrations" (3). 

Then in order to activate the sms notification extension just click on the cross to open the setup section.


1. Purchase SMS credit packs 

You can purchase SMS credits in "My Account" or in "Integrations".

Click on the button "+ Purchase/renew SMS credit Pack".

In the window select a Package Size (1) and click on "Buy" (2).

In the confirmation window click on "Yes" to validate your purchase.

Once the purchase is complete you will see the increase in your Credit Balance and you will receive your invoice in "My account" > "Bills".

2. Auto-renew and Warn at

You can choose to activate the auto-renew should you prefer to have an automatic repurchase of the pack you previously bought once your SMS credit balance is back down to a certain limit.

To activate the Auto-renew please check the "Auto-Renew" box (1) and in the below field "Warn/Auto-renew at" (2) set a limit of credits at which you will want to the automatic purchase to occur, then click on "Save Settings" (3).

If you decide not the activate the Auto-renew then administrators will receive an email notifying them that you have reached the SMS limit set at "Warn at" (2), asking you if you would like to repurchase SMS credits.


3. Limit at 160 characters

Keep in mind that 1 text message of 160 characters equals 1 credit.

If your SMS exceeds 160 characters then it will use an extra credit.

Therefore should you wish to limit your SMS consumption you can tick the checkbox (1) so that your SMS only send the first 160 characters and will cut out the rest of them, then click on "Save Settings" (2).

Please note that only a certain number of characters are handled by standard text messages (specifications GSM 03.38). If your text message includes any special characters  or non latin letters (e.g. ù, ç, é, ', /...) then 1 sms credit will equal 70 characters. 

You can also view the list of the last 100 sms sent by clicking on the button "Last Sent SMS" (3).



Go to "Settings" (1) > "More" (2) > "Notifications" (3).

To create a notification click on "Add".

In the notification window you will need to select a trigger, (1) choose a notification method and recipient (2) and type in your message (3).

Please note that you can send multiple messages for one notification trigger.

To do so you can click on the button "+ Add message" (4) or you can duplicate the message of your choice by clicking on the double file icon (5) next to it.

1. Select a Trigger

- Choose an event for which you will want the notification to be sent

Notifications can be sent foe a job created, scheduled, started, suspended, completed, validated or cancelled.

- Choose the person responsible for the event

Events can be triggered by an Administrator/Manager, the customer, the technician or either one of them.


2. Choose a Method and a recipient

- Choose to send an Email or a Text Message.

- Select a recipient from the drop-down list:

  • Administrators: to all administrators' email addresses or phone numbers
  • Technician(s) assigned:To the main technician or to all technician's assigned
  • Managers: to all managers' email addresses or phone numbers
  • Job creator: to the administrator, manager or technician who created the job
  • Report Field (Enter label): to the email address or phone number typed in by the technician in the given field from the Job Report template
  • Custom (Enter manually): to any email address or phone number that you type in
  • To all "Email" or "Phone"  custom fields (defined as a "Type") related to your jobs, technicians, customers, sites, equipment

3. Message content   

You can now type in your message and use a long list of fields which will enable you to customize your message based on the information linked to the job triggering your notification?

List of available fields :

  • Job related: dates and times scheduled and carried out, the job report PDF link, job number, job description, job type, contact, etc. as well as all your job custom fields
  • Technician related: names and custom fields
  • Customer/Site/Equipment related: names and custom fields


Once you have selected the trigger, the method, the recipient and written your message you can click on the "Save" button.

The only two differences between emails and text messages are that !

- Emails need to have a title

- Your text messages might be truncated if you have selected a limit of 160 characters (see above part).

Notification Examples:

Notification 1:

When the customer creates a job via the customer portal I would like, as an manager, to receive an email in order for me to schedule it.


Notification 2:

When I schedule the job I would like for the customer to know by email and for all technicians (principal and auxiliaries) to receive a text message, giving them the contact information related to the job.


Notification 3:

When the technician completes a job I would like the customer to receive an email containing the link towards the job's PDF report.


Survey notification example:

Synchroteam allows you to insert web links in your message content.

For instance, you can create a customer success survey which would be sent to your clients via Email or text message notifications. 

As you can see below, we have decided to send an email to our customers, whenever one of their jobs has been validated by an administrator or manager, in order to get their feedback.


You can create online forms via many platforms. Here is an example:

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